• M e s s a g e

    • True education should make a person compassionate and human. We believe that VIVEKANANDA SCHOOL OF INTEGRAL EDUCATION is fortunate to set the real purpose of education in its true sense. VSIE inculcates in young minds a strong sense of values and discipline. Simultaneously emphasizes on team skills, leadership qualities and communication skills which prepare students to function effectively in rapid changing world.


      With best wishes. Vivekananda School of Integral Education

  • P R I N C I P A L

    • Smt. Minakshi Das


School uniform must be worn at all times and purchased from the shop recommended by the school in order to avoid difference of shades. A high standard of personal cleanliness and neatness is enforced. Hair should be cut short. Baggy trousers are not permitted in the school.

Boys :

Rust colour check shirts and Rust colour pants. Rust colour socks and Black shoes.

Girls :

Rust colour scorts and Rust colour check tunic shirts. Rust colour socks and Black shoes.

On P.T. Days :

Every Saturday white shirt and white pants/shirts (for boys) white scorts / tunics/ shirts (for girls) white kates and white socks, for both Boys and Girls. (School belts, ties and badges are supplied by the school on payment).


The list of books / notes books for a year shall be provided to each student after admission. Parents should note that their son / daughter go to school with all books from the beginning of the session.