• M e s s a g e

    • True education should make a person compassionate and human. We believe that VIVEKANANDA SCHOOL OF INTEGRAL EDUCATION is fortunate to set the real purpose of education in its true sense. VSIE inculcates in young minds a strong sense of values and discipline. Simultaneously emphasizes on team skills, leadership qualities and communication skills which prepare students to function effectively in rapid changing world.


      With best wishes. Vivekananda School of Integral Education

  • P R I N C I P A L

    • Smt. Minakshi Das


The School Hostel is situated in a calm and sceneric place, quite near to the school building.

It is the first ever Odia Medium Residential School in the around Bhubaneswar which admits even the students of Lower and Upper Nursery.

A staff is appointed as the superintendent and she guards the children and helps them in their studies.

The School tries its best to provide a homely atmosphere for the Hostel residents.

The parents are requested to mention in the form clearly if they want to avail the Hostel facility.

The students are required to bring the dress and utensil for taking their food.