• M e s s a g e

    • True education should make a person compassionate and human. We believe that VIVEKANANDA SCHOOL OF INTEGRAL EDUCATION is fortunate to set the real purpose of education in its true sense. VSIE inculcates in young minds a strong sense of values and discipline. Simultaneously emphasizes on team skills, leadership qualities and communication skills which prepare students to function effectively in rapid changing world.


      With best wishes. Vivekananda School of Integral Education

  • P R I N C I P A L

    • Smt. Minakshi Das


The School provides transport facilities in the form of school van.

If required school car hire passenger transport vehicle to perform its transport duties.

The students shall bear the expenses of journey (as per the fee structure).

The Parents / Guardians are to given an undertaking that their son / daughter / ward shall use the school transportation facilities on their own risk.

The School shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage while using the school transport vehicle, which is beyond the control of school.


Rout No.1 6 A.M Janala, Ogalpada, Tamando, Radhacharanpur, Mahura, Naragada
Rout No. 2 6 A.M Paikarapur, Madanpur, Kaimatia, Jagasara, Kaimatia Patna
Rout No. 3 6 A.M Chhatabar, Pallaspur, Mendhasal, Jamujhari, Arisol